Q&A with Dr. Schlessinger

Your commonly asked questions answered.

  • What is SmartLipo?
  • How does SmartLipo work?
  • Which areas can be improved with SmartLipo laser liposuction?
  • Is the fat removal permanent?
  • What will my skin look like?
  • How many dress sizes will I lose after SmartLipo?
  • Which is better between tumescent liposuction and SmartLipo?
  • Is SmartLipo FDA approved for skin tightening?
  • Can SmartLipo be used for bags under the eyes?
  • Why won’t SmartLipo work for visceral fat (fat under the muscle)?
  • Can I have liposuction even if I intend to get pregnant and have more children?
  • How long will the results for SmartLipo last?
  • How do doctors achieve symmetry during the SmartLipo laser liposuction procedure?
  • Can SmartLipo be used if you are overweight?
  • Do the bumps from SmartLipo go away?
  • When can a patient return to work?

“All liposuction isn’t the same. I use methods that are safe, effective and with incredibly easy recoveries. With over 2000 procedures and 25 years of experience, my patients get the best results possible and I make sure they are good candidates before any work is done. This is incredibly important as best results don’t happen by accident – planning and selection are essential.”

Dr. Joel Schlessinger